November 10th - 11th 2018

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is a design sprint-like event in which you, as a member of a team, will collaborate intensively with your team mates to answer a clinical question using large clinical care datasets. Our goal is to host a fun, creative and innovative event that brings together experts and novices, clinicians and data scientists, to learn more about data and discover new knowledge in an interdisciplinary atmosphere.

Datathon Tarragona 2018


Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th November, 2018




9:00 to 19:30


El Seminari (website)

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This event is open to

Clinicians interested in data, Trainees in intensive care, emergency, anaesthesia and other acute medical & surgical specialities, Data scientists and Biostatisticians ,Policy makers and Patients

The Datathon will be coordinated by MIT researchers and will be conducted in a fun and challenging way for the groups.
We will provide access to Wi-Fi, data sets and free lunch and coffee. You must bring your own hardware (a laptop with Wi-Fi connection will be enough) and your data mining and lateral thinking skills.
The second day ends with each team presenting their work to MIT mentors who will reward the most outstanding solutions.

List of questions that can be addressed with the available databases:
1) Predicting the next serum creatinine based on vital sign time series and treatments
2) Predicting the next serum lactate based on vital sign time series and treatments
3) Epidemiology of low acuity patients who die in the ICU
4) Epidemiology of high acuity patients who survive
5) Circadian variation in blood glucose
6) Optimizing medication dosing based on serum levels
7) Distribution of “normal” urine output and prediction of individualized goals for urine output based on serum creatinine and patient co-morbidities
8) Outcomes in the over 80’s admitted to ICU
9) Does haemoglobin concentration effect the association between PaO2 and outcome in ventilated patients?
10) Does gender influence outcome of sepsis?

If you are interested in pitching a research topic, please send your proposal to info@datathontarragona.com. The organizers have to make sure that they are feasible (i.e. the databases have the variables/features of interest).

All participants will be required to complete a ‘Non-disclosure Agreement’ and comply with HJ23 and MIMIC data access and publication policies.

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During the datathon, teams will have access to de-identified datasets. Teams may choose to use one or all of these datasets to answer their clinical questions. For those interested in using the MIMIC dataset it is a requirement to do the on-line tutorial on the MIMIC website.
The repositories will be accessible to all attendees through Google cloud platform.

Google Cloud Plataform


List of publications of projects that were conceived during a datathon

UCIHJ23 Dataset

Adult Patient Database
Critical Care Resources Registry


Saturday 10th

09:00h - General overview of the event | Team formation | Database workshop

10:30h - Coffee break

11:00h - Work in groups

14:00h - Lunch

15:30h - Work in groups

17:30h - Coffee break

18:00h - Work in groups

Sunday 11th

09:00h - Work in groups

10:30h - Coffee break

11:00h - Work in groups

14:00h - Lunch

15:30h - Work in groups

17:30h - Coffee break

18:00h - Presentation session | Awards ceremony | Closing session